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SKINTRADE - Refueled

[09.01.2014] SKINTRADE - Refueled

Release Date: 28.02.2014


During the 1990's Skintrade enjoyed huge sucess in Sweden and abroad, particularly in Scandinavia, Holland, Germany and Belgium. During this period the band toured extensively in Europe and played some of Europe’s biggest festivals such as Dynamo Open Air (Holland) and MTV’s Rock Am Ring (Germany) to name a few. Skintrade also toured around Europe supporting bands as Motorhead, Danish rockers DAD and the Irish band Therapy?.

The debut album ”Skintrade” released in 1993, recieved an overwhelmingly positive response by the press and the public. The singles ”Sick As A Dog” and ”One by One” got frequent airplay, and the videos aired on heavy rotation on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. The band also received the Zeppelin-Award for best Rock act and a nomination for best video at the Swedish Grammy awards. The follow-up ”Roachpowder”, produced by Thomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Hellacopters etc), was released in 1995. This collaboration allowed the band to explore a darker, heavier side. Again, the videos for the songs ”Snap goes your mind” as well as ”Flies”, were repeatedly aired on MTV.

Now, the Swedish hard rockers Skintrade are back with their third studio album ”Refueled” set to be released on February 28th, 2014. The first single ”Monster” will be released in January in advance. This is the band’s first full-length studio album since ”Roach Powder” released in 1995 and the best of album ”Past and Present” in 2012 which included three new songs.

”We have been working very hard writing songs and recording for over a year and half. We’re really proud of the new album and we definitely feel that this is our best effort so far. We can’t wait to get out on the road again and meet our old friends and to make new ones”, says lead singer Matti Alfonzetti.

Swedish Producer/Engineer Oscar Ammer (Social Pretender, The Moving, Human Desolation) was chosen to co-produce and mix the album. The album was recorded in Skintrade’s studio and mixed in Oscar Ammer’s studio Echobox Audio Production.

”Refueled” packs 12 stunningly powerful songs that will place Skintrade in an undisputed position as a Hard Rock/Metal band to be reckoned with.

Line-up: Matti Alfonzetti - vocals, guitars; Stefan Bergstrm - guitars, backing vocal;  Hkan Calmroth – bass, Hkan Msen Persson - drums, backing vocal

Tracklist: 1. Monster, 2. Liar, 3. Pay In Blood, 4. Hardcore MF Heartattack, 5. Close My Eyes, 6. Getting Away With Murder, 7. Mountain, 8. Been To The Bottom, 9. Worse Than Wasted, 10. Dying In Your Arms, 11. Wild One, 12. Look Me In The Eye

Sound clips in advance:

SKINTRADE - Dying In Your Arms (Edit)

SKINTRADE - Liar (Edit)

SKINTRADE - Monster (Edit)


Web: https://www.facebook.com/skintradesweden


[03.12.2013] BERGGREN KERSLAKE  BAND (BKB) – The Sun Has Gone Hazy

Release Date: 24.01.2014

The band BKB [600] BKB_Cover_front 250

Swedish singer, guitarist & keyboard player STEFAN BERGGREN (M3-Classic Whitesnake, The Company of Snakes, Razorback,  Snakes In Paradise & Revolution Road) met legendary UK drummer LEE KERSLAKE (OZZY, Uriah Heep) for the first time 2005 in Friedrichshafen in Southern Germany when Berggren performed with M3 and Kerslake with Uriah Heep. A couple of years later they ended up in Zrich (Switzerland) and did some more shows. This time together in the same band, but not under the flag BKB yet.

In 2011 Kerslake phoned Berggren up and asked if he could do to do an acoustic show with him in Helsinki (Finland). Both musicians at the time were looking for a new challenge and BERGGREN KERSLAKE BAND was born. Tomas Thorberg, a Snakes In Paradise/Michael Schenker/John Norum gunslinger, was asked to take over the bass guitar. Berggren also brought in another long time friend called Joakim Svalberg (Opeth,Yngwie Malmsteen) as guest who played some fantastic organ & Moog solos.

Drums, bass, some guitars and rough vocals were recorded live at Boo studio. The rest of the recordings took place at  Berggren’s studios Stockholm. Lennart stlund (ABBA, Led Zeppelin) handled the final mixes and mastering of the album at the PolarStudio  except the song "Walk Tall" which was mixed by Berggren and mastered by Pete Lyman (Rival Sons)

Tracklist: 1.Walk Tall 2.Super Sonic Dream 3.MY MY 4.The Sun Has Gone Hazy 5.Free 6.Fools Asleep 7.As Time Goes By 8. RocknRoll Gangsta 9.Back On The Road Again 10.Born Again

Soundfiles in advance:

BKB - Super Sonic Dream (Edit)

BKB - Sun Has Gone Hazy (Edit)

BKB - Walk Tall (Edit)


One the web:




[18.10.2013] DOGFACE – Back on the streets

Release Date: 29.11.2013

DOGFACE_1DF2013band1-1 DOGFACE - Back In The Streets 250

Mats Levn and Martin Kronlund released the first Dogface album “Unleashed” back in 2000, an album featuring a special guest appearance from former Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson. The massive success of 'Unleashed' was followed in 2002 with the album “In control”.

Mats Levn has been a busy man and worked with bands such as Krux, At Vance, Therion, Swedish Erotica and Candlemass. Martin Kronlund has taken on the role of producer for artists like Joe Lynn Turner and Tom Galleys Phenomena, but also released albums with Gypsy Rose and more recently with Lover Under Cover.

Now it's 2013 and it’s time to reveal the next chapter in the story of Dogface. Once again Mats and Martin have brought together a stunning collection of infectious songs with amazing choruses, strong melodies, screaming hammonds and blistering guitars. Songs like the heavy “Footsteps on the moon”, the up-tempo rocker “Cant face tomorrow” and the completely mad “Freaking out” are highlights on this record.

Joining them on this album is drummer are Perra Johansson (Coldspell, Phenomena) and Mikael Carlsson (Lover Under Cover, Rage of Angels) on bass.

Track list: Footsteps on the moon, Can't face tomorrow, Higher, The fall, Back on the streets, Fired, Get up, Start a fire, Crazy horses, Freaking out

Sound clips in advance:

SKINTRADE - Dying In Your Arms (Edit)

SKINTRADE - Liar (Edit)

SKINTRADE - Monster (Edit)


Web: https://www.facebook.com/skintradesweden



[18.10.2013] A.O.R – The Secrets Of L.A

Release Date: 29.11.2013

AOR_singers AOR - The Secrets Of L.A 250

AOR was formed in 2000 by guitarist/ keyboardist Frdric Slama always using the cream of U.S & European session players. In 2000, the first album  L.A Concession  was released and gave Frdric a big respect in the Westcoast / AOR music scene.

During the following years, AOR released eleven albums with a similar concept feat. some of the greatest talents from the genre including all Toto members, Tommy Denander, Gran Edman, Michael Landau, Vinnie Colaiuta, Michael Ruff, Bruce Gaitsch, Bill Champlin (Chicago), Steve Overland (FM), Bruce Gaitsch, Brandon Fields, David Roberts, Dane Donohue, Fergie Frederiksen, Philip Bardowell, Jerry Hludzik (Dakota), Joe Pasquale, Steve Newman, David Foster, Randy Goodrum and many more.

Now in 2013 Frdric Slama’ s AOR project is back for round number 12 with an great album called The Secrets Of L.A , featuring an impressive list of guests  such as Tommy Denander (Radioactive, Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper), Fergie Frederiksen (Toto), Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman), Bill Champlin (Chicago), Jim Jidhed & Ken Sandin (Alien), Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn's Dream), Bob Harris (Axe), Gran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen), Robin Beck, Tamara Champlin, Dane Donohue, Alessandro Del Vecchio (Lionville, Hardline) & many more.

For this new AOR album, the sound is much heavier than ever before, far away from the Westcoast style of the 6 first AOR cd's. Fans of Survivor, Journey, Giant & Foreigner won’t be disappointed by fantastic melodies, incredible vocals & fabulous guitar solos and a first class production by Frdric Slama & Tommy Denander. The Secrets Of L.A  is by far AOR’s finest release so far.


Songs & Singers: 

1) Deep Whirlpool: Fergie Frederiksen
2) Stage Struck: Jeff Scott Soto
3) Secrets In The Shadows Jim Jidhed 
4) Back To San Francisco: Bill Champlin
5) Out Of The Past: Bob Harris
6) The Name Of The Game: Robin Beck
7) Web Of Lies: Gran Edman
8) Hollow Triumph: Mikael Erlandsson
9) The Main Attraction: Bob Harris
10) Voices In The Wind: Tamara Champlin

 Sound clips in advance:

AOR - Deep Whirlpool (Edit)

AOR - Secrets in the Shadows (Edit)

AOR - Stage Struck (Edit)


[04.09.2013] DAVID REECE - Compromise

Release Date: 25.10.2013

DAVID REECE_Sitting [600] DAVID REECE - Compromise 250

American singer David Reece, though brought up on a diet of Conway Twitty and Tammy Wynette, has been sharing his bluesy rock voice with the world since the late 1980s. His most notable early releases were Accept’s 1989 album “Eat The Heat” and Bangalore Choir’s 1992 classic “On Target”, closely followed by LPs with Sircle Of Silence and Stream. Disillusioned with a floundering rock scene, David took a hiatus from music in the mid 1990s to follow other pursuits and dreams.

Returning in 2008 with the critically acclaimed Gypsy Rose album “Another World”, David’s debut solo album “Universal Language” surfaced in 2009. The culmination of many years writing and performing, the album featured musicians including Andy Susemihl (U.D.O.), and fine songs such as the bombastic ‘Rescue Me’, the huge ‘We Were Alive’, the soaring ballad ‘Queen Of My Dreams’ and the distinctly leftfield ‘Yellow’; a definite song for fans of Colonel Mustard.

The album “Cadence” in 2010 saw the first brand new Bangalore Choir material in 18 years. 2011 marked David’s return to working with Gypsy Rose founder Martin Kronlund, this time under the moniker “Reece Kronlund” releasing an album simply called “Solid”. The album also marked David’s first ventures with lyricist Jon Wilde, who has since co-written on the 3rd Bangalore Choir album “Metaphor” released in 2012 and now on this; David’s second solo album “Compromise” – an apt title given the amount of compromise we all face in our lives, be it working in the music industry or going about our daily grind.

With vocals recorded at KMan studios in Blaine Minnesota and produced by Kelly Peterson, the album features a big name cast including bassist Ronnie Parkes (7 Witches), guitarist Jack Frost (7 Witches, Savatage, Metalium), keyboardist Paul Morris (Rainbow, Doro, Jurgen Blackmore), and special guests Christian Tolle and Andy Susemihl. The mix was handled by Joey Vera (Armoured Saint) and Martin Kronlund, with Martin also performing full mastering duties.

The result is a peach of an album with a wide range of songs from sublime ballads ‘Someone Beautiful’ (with music by renowned writers Tom and James Martin) to metal masterpieces ‘End Of It All’, stomping rockers ‘Where My Heart Belongs’ and more. David, with influences as diverse as Ian Gillan, Paul Rodgers and Chris Cornell, loves tackling a variety of styles and one listen will tell you he has the voice to pull it off.  And with musicians the calibre of those here, and lyrics boasting a darn sight more intelligence than your standard clichd rock fair, he has the firepower to back him up all the way into classic album territory.

Line-Up: Vocals: David Reece, Bass: Ronnie Parkes, Guitars: Jack Frost, Guitars: Kelly Peterson, Keys: Paul Morris

Guests on guitars: Andy Susemihl & Christian Tolle 

Track list: 1. Disaster, 2. End Of It All, 3. Fortunate Son, 4. Someone Beautiful, 5. Along For The Ride, 6. Coast To Coast, 7. All Roads Lead To War, 8. Where My Heart Belongs, 9. Everything To Everyone, 10. Evil Never Dies, 11. Treasure Hunter

Sound clips in advance:

REECE - Disaster (Edit)

REECE - Where My Heart Belongs (Edit)

REECE - End Of It All (Edit)


[01.08.2013] JESSE DAMON - Temptation In The Garden Of Eve

Release Date: 27.09.2013

Jesse Promo 3 250 JESSE DAMON - Temptation In The Garden Of Eve 250

Southern California based rock musician Jesse Damon is rocking fans around the globe! The world renowned artist is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and is the front man for the popular melodic hard rock band Silent Rage. Silent Rage has released four critically acclaimed albums including the Simmons Records/ RCA Records release “Don’t Touch Me There.”

Jesse Damon’s story starts back in the glory days of the eighties. With his band Silent Rage, he’s best known for his extraordinary lead vocals and stellar guitar work on the MTV hit video "Rebel with a Cause.” During this time in his career, he formed a lifelong friendship with Gene Simmons of Kiss, even co-writing the song “Thou Shalt Not” from the Kiss album “Revenge” for which Jesse was presented a gold album award. The strength of the album and video led to the band opening for Black Sabbath on their North American tour.

Vocals and songwriting are his main strengths, along with his hard rocking guitar performances. Jesse’s first three solo albums are a mix of well crafted melodic rock songs and intense ballads.The musical pathway of Jesse Damon’s life has been influenced by some of the biggest artists in rock music including Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Foreigner, Y&T and Whitesnake, just to name a few.

Jesse returns in 2013 to deliver a brand new album called "Temptation in the Garden of Eve."  The CD will feature 11 brand new tracks laden with huge hooks and unforgettable choruses, all co-written by Jesse and acclaimed AOR melodic rocker Paul Sabu who also produced the album. The studio band features backing vocals by Paul Sabu, who also doubles as bass player on the release, along with musicians Eric Ragno on keyboards, and Pete Newdeck of Eden’s Curse on drums and backing vocals. Jesse has once again delivered big on all the new songs, adding to the legacy of his works.

To this day, Jesse is still on fire for his music and has a large and ever growing fan base,  making "Temptation in The Garden of Eve" a highly anticipated release all around the world…

Tracklist: 01.Garden Of Eve 02.Black Widow 03.Save The World 04.I Need You Forever 05.Save Me 06.A Chance For Us 07.Let It Rock 08.Angel In The Starlight 09.Hold On 10.Little Angel 11.Wishing Well

Sound clips in advance:

JESSE DAMON - Black Widow (Edit)

JESSE DAMON - Garden Of Eve (Edit)

JESSE DAMON - I Need You Forever (Edit)


[10.07.2013] Press Release

Porch_web 297 BRETT WALKER - Straight Jacket Vacation 250

Mit Trauer und Bestrzung erreichte uns gestern die Nachricht, dass der US Snger, Songwriter und Musiker Brett Walker gestern verstorben ist.

Just einen Tag nach der offiziellen Pressemitteilung fr sein demnchst bei uns erscheinendes neues Album Straight Jacket Vacation“ erscheint es irgendwie bizarr, dass dieser begnadete Knstler nun nicht mehr unter uns weilt.

Brett Walker steckte voller Energie und Tatendrang und fieberte der Verffentlichung seines neuen Albums genauso entgegen wie dem Liveauftritt beim Melodic Rockfest in Chicago. Umso erschtternder ist es, dass er nun so pltzlich und unverhofft von uns gegangen ist.

Nach Rcksprache mit seiner Frau Sheron werden wir das Album wie geplant am 30. August verffentlichen, denn genau dies wre laut ihrer Aussage sein grter Wunsch gewesen.

Wir werden unser Bestes tun, das musikalische Vermchtnis von Brett Walker wrdevoll und mit dem ihm gebhrenden Respekt zu behandeln.

Zugleich wnschen wir seiner Frau Sheron und seinen drei Kindern die notwendige Kraft, um diesen Schicksalsschlag zu berwinden.

R.I.P. Brett

Georg Siegl, AOR Heaven



[08.07.2013] BRETT WALKER - Straight Jacket Vacation

Release Date: 30.08.2013

Porch_web 297 BRETT WALKER - Straight Jacket Vacation 250

Born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma Brett Walker picked up the guitar at age 15 and soon began playing school assemblies and local functions. At age 20 Brett made the decisive move to Los Angeles, where he found himself working as a "hired gun" playing with such artists as Tane Cain and Nick Gilder. Brett also was featured as a regular performer at Disneyland in Anaheim California at the “Tomorrowland Terrace Stage”. The move to Los Angeles marked his introduction into the world of professional song writing.
Branching out on his own, Brett began seriously pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter. He continued working on his own, and on the strength of his tapes, went to NYC to work with renowned producer David Prater (producer of Fire House and Dream Theater) to create the record “Nevertheless”.
In 1991, Brett wrote two charting singles; one for Jimi Jamison and the other for the band Alias. "Waiting for love" recorded by Alias, went on to become Brett's first international top ten single in 1991.
Brett’s songwriting led him to work with such talents as Jonathan Cain, Jim Peterik, Nick Gilder, Jeff Paris, Paul Taylor, Taylor Rhodes, John Purdell and others.
In 2012 Brett reconnected with two drummer colleagues (Pat Leon and Mugs Cain) and recorded the record “Straight Jacket Vacation”. The CD was recorded at “Panic Room Records” in Laguna Beach, California with Engineer and Producer Weston Hodges. 
Straight Jacket Vacation has a release date of 30th of August 2013 with AOR Heaven, and will be followed in September with a concert performance at the Melodic Rock Fest 3 in Chicago where Brett will showcase some on his newly released songs as well as some of his popular hits.

Straight Jacket Vacation includes contributions of renowned musicians such as Mugs Cain, Timothy Drury, Jim Peterik, Jeff Paris, Pat Leon, Matt MacKelvie, Todd Herfindal, Weston Hodges to name a few.

Tracklist: 1 Reaching For The Stars, 2 What About You, 3 Better Than Goodbye, 4 Streetlights Burning, 5 I'll Bet It Hurts, 6 More Than I, 7 Good Enough, 8 Waiting For Love, 9 I'm Gonna Fly, 10 So Happy I'm Cryin, 11 Unlucky At Love, 12 Someday I'm Gonna Be Famous

Soundfiles in advance:

BRETT WALKER - Better Than Goodbye (Edit)

BRETT WALKER - Reaching For The Stars (Edit)

BRETT WALKER - What About You (Edit)



[08.07.2013] NIVA - Magnitude

Release Date: 30.08.2013

tony3 187 NIVA - Magnitude 252

Tony Niva is heading for a new much awaited album release with NIVA. The album is called “Magnitude” and will be released through AOR Heaven on August 30th, 2013. This record was produced and engineered by Marcus Persson at CM Music along with executive producer Tony Niva. Mix and master were done by Thomas Plec Johansson at The Panic Room studios. Tony states:  “It feels really great this time to use the original band name NIVA, alongside with our new European label and to feel that the path we’ve taken is just right in terms of musical foundation and original but heavier sound stage.”

Magnitude is to set a new phase providing something new and something different compared to the previous releases. This upcoming album is not only telling us stories about the dark and bright things in life, but also to give perspective to what’s important in our surroundings and to follow our dream and to do what we were aimed to do. It is all about telling that it’s never too late to make a change. All songs were, like the previous ones, composed by Tony Niva, Roger Ljunggren and Marcus Persson.

Tracklist: 1. Never Too Late, 2. Perfect Life, 3. My First And Only One, 4. Just Another Heartache, 5. In A Misty Light, 6. Always Somewhere, 7. Let It Shine, 8. Spanish Lullaby, 9. Do It Again, 10. Never Say Goodbye, 11. Feel So Alone

Soundfiles in advance:

NIVA - Just Another Heartache (Edit)

NIVA - Never Too Late (Edit)

NIVA - Perfect Life (Edit)


[12.06.2013] NEWMAN - Siren

Release Date: 19.07.2013

Steve edit 7 colour [600] NEWMAN_Siren 250

In music, as with most things in life, trends tend to come and go. What was in vogue yesterday, today, is cast aside, for the next big thing.

Since 1998 melodic rock artist Newman have been producing consistently high quality albums filled with hook laden songs and thought provoking lyrics.

Now, after a break of 2 years, following a studio upgrade and relocation, Newman return with their 10th Studio album and once again the collaboration with AOR Heaven continues."Siren" is a rock album through and through, taking influences from the whole of Newman's career to date. Powerful song-writing backed by a powerful production. Driving guitars feature with the strength of hooks and chorus's that this artist is renowned for.

This time around, as with the last few studio albums, Steve is joined by the highly talented session drummer Rob McEwen, but has also brought in a few familiar guests to enhance the sound and songwriting process. From the Newman live band, Shaun Bessant guests on "When It Comes To Love" and Robert Sll (Work Of Art, W.E.T.) guests on "Feel Her Again". In the songwriting department, Steve has joined forces with Pete Newdeck (Eden's Curse, Tainted Nation) for the songs "Some Kind Of Wonderful" and "Waiting For The Day". Steve's long time friend, who also appeared on "One Step Closer", Nick Workman (Vega, Kick) co-writes on the uplifting "When It Comes To Love". Both Pete and Nick also contribute backing vocals.

In music, as with most things in life, trends tend to come and go. What was in vogue yesterday, today, is cast aside, for the next big thing. It's re-assuring to know that some things remain….

Newman are most definitely back and stronger than ever!!

Tracklist: 01 Scar Of Love 02  Had Enough 03  Arcadia 04  Another Bitch Of A Night 05  Feel Her Again 06  Some Kind Of Wonderful 07  Siren 08  When It Comes To Love 09  Crossfire 10  Waiting For The Day 11  The Foolish One 12  Don’t Know Why


Soundfiles in advance:

NEWMAN - Arcadia (Edit)

NEWMAN - Had Enough (Edit)

NEWMAN - Scar Of Love (Edit)


[12.06.2013] FARRADAY - Shade Of Love

Release Date: 19.07.2013

Farraday2 [600] FARRADAY_cover 250

FARRADAY is a new melodic rock project which was born in Athens, Greece in January 2012. The masterminds behind FARRADAY are Roy Da Vis, who is the composer, singer, guitarist & keyboard player and Stathis Spiliotopoulos, who is the producer of the project and also plays drums, bass and also supports with backing vocals. Roy Da Vis started playing at the age of 16 and performed with local bands like Mirror Lies, Heaven’Spirits and with a Hard Rock/AOR band called Bad Medicine, where Stathis Spiliotopoulos also was the man behind the desk of their sound. Bad Medicine self released an EP called “Breakin’ Down” including the two songs “Breakin Down” and “Shade Of Love” but it never came out as an official release.

After many years of music collaborations with bands, projects & live performances, Roy & Stathis are trying to deliver their passion for Melodic Rock music and now are making their dreams come true! Farraday "Shade Of Love" is the first album with which they try to express their feelings and give to the people who share the same music tastes: their unique point of view of Melodic Rock music. 10 Melodic Rock tracks have been engineered, recorded, mixed, produced and mastered between August 2012 till February 2013 at Deep Bass Studios Athens, Greece and are now ready to rock you with the 80's melodic rock sound!

Track list: 01. One Way Ticket To Hollywood, 02. Rock U (The Old Fashion Way), 03. Shade Of Love, 04. Can't Get Enough, 05. Breakin' Down, 06. Tonight, 07. Can't Wait On Love, 08. Out Of Nowhere, 09. There For You, 10. When Passion Burns

Farraday Official Fb: https://www.facebook.com/FarradayProject

Soundfiles in advance:

FARRADAY - I Can't Get Enough (Edit)

FARRADAY - One Way Ticket To Hollywood (Edit)

FARRADAY - Shade Of Love (Edit)



Release Date: 21.06.2013

ever more 006 [600] LOST WEEKEND - Evermore 450

Lost Weekend have been together for 18 years. They are made up of musicians who over the last 35 years have rocked the stages of Britain, Europe and the world.

With the resurgence in guitar based music the band have been in huge demand, indeed  they have  performed  alongside the likes of Gotthard, TNT, Dokken, Magnum, Saxon, Wishbone Ash, Jeff Scott Soto,  Winger, Asia, Quireboys, Thunder, UFO and FM.
It was around the release of their third opus New Religion that legendary Magnum vocalist Bob Catley invited the band to support him on his solo tour of Britain and Europe for which the band again impressed from the start, this resulted in the band being asked to write Bob Catley’s next solo album Spirit Of Man.

The record has received worldwide critical acclaim, once again the band was invited on a tour with Catley. November 2006 has seen the release of the Lost Weekend’s fourth album, the acclaimed forever Moving On. 2007 has been a year spent promoting the latest CD with appearances at some of England’s premier rock festivals to great effect.

With a slight change in personnel the band became a twin guitar based band resulting in a heavier sound more akin to the likes of the Scorpions, UFO and Thunder to name a few.

2008 and a brand new album Fear And Innocence, with this release the added guitar and the re-introduction of keyboards gave the UK group a wonderful platform to create a heavier but also very melodic rock album, which again was widely applauded around the melodic rock circles.

2010/2011 was a time the band gave themselves a hiatus from performing together, in fact they did release a statement saying they were calling time on Lost Weekend, but as people know when you have a break from something you have loved for a long time, you miss those times desperately, and with that the band moved to new premises and decided to start rehearsing initially and just see what happens.

The result was renewed passion and creativity and the next thing they knew was an album had been written and one they are most proud of to date, with the inclusion of Irving Parratt on keyboards(he last worked with the band on Forever Moving On and Spirit Of Man) both of which he contributed the writing of.

The band is primed and ready to unleash their brand new album “Evermore” on June 21st, 2013 via AOR Heaven. Again it was produced by the incredible Martin Kronlund JM studios Sweden.

Tracklist: 1. Reach for the sky 2. Love will find you 3. Be who you wanna be 4. Got to make it through 5.  Angel sublime 6. Perfect day 7. The real world 8. Live for tomorrow 9. Falling by the wayside 10. Do you remember 11. Evermore 12. Ain’t no friend of mine

Sound clips in advance:

LOST WEEKEND - Be You Wanna Be (Edit)

LOST WEEKEND - Love Will Find You (Edit)

LOST WEEKEND - Reach For The Sky (Edit)



[8.4.2013] Amaze Me - Guilty As Sin

Release Date: 24.05.2013

AmazemE band 5 [600]   AMAZE ME Guilty As Sin 250

Amaze Me is Peter Broman handling the song-writing, instruments, production and Conny Lind doing the lead vocals. Lind has previously sung with Great King Rat, Raceway, Alex Masi, Lars Eric Mattson and his Vision project, Shock Tilt and State of Mind. He is still active in other projects. Aside of his work with Amaze Me, Broman is well known as a song-writer for different genres for artists all over the world which has led to chart positions world-wide like for instance on Billboard, Asian and European hitlists and music for radio/ TV commercials.

Amaze Me started out with the self-titled debut album on the Japanese based Alfa Brunette label in 1995. The way that it all happened gave the project it's name - Amaze Me. The Rumours of the Japanese release led to the boys landing a deal with the Now And Then label who released the second album ”Dream On” in 1997. Album No.3 saw the light of day on Z Records in 1998, who also put out the ”Amaze Me” album for the first time in Europe. A best of compilation including tracks from all three albums called ”Ultimate Collection” was released on AOR Heaven Classix in 2012.

The new studioo album "Guilty As Sin" was recorded in Peter Broman’s own studio. No time limits had been set for the release of the album, so the result could be able to live up to the phrase -  "straight from the heart . . .".

The mastering has been taken care off by Martin Kronlund.

Tracklist: 01. Everybody, 02. Lost In A Dream, 03. Can't Stop Loving You, 04. Save Me, 05. Endless Love, 06. With Or Without You, 07. The Pain, 08. Guilty As Sin, 09. On The Run, 10. Dying To Be Loved, 11. Love Is Blind, 12. On Fire

Discography: Amaze Me (1995), Dream On (1997), Wonderland (1998), Ultimate Collection (2012), Guilty As Sin (2013) 

Soundfiles in advance:

AMAZE ME - Can't Stop Loving You (Edit)

AMAZE ME - Everybody (Edit)

AMAZE ME - Lost In A Dream (Edit)


[05.03.2013] Bai Bang - All Around The World

BAI_BANG_All_Around_The_world 250Release Date: 26.04.2013

BAI BANG - one of the most powerful rock acts from Sweden - features four talented and dynamic rockers in the line-up: Diddi Kastenholt (vocals), Pelle Eliaz (Guitar), Joacim Sandin (bass), Jens Lundgren (guitar) and Johnny Benson (drums) Since the band has started in the late 80’s, BAI BANG have spent a lot of time together on their tours all over Europe, USA,  Canada, Japan – including the famous Whisky a Gogo and the Cat Club in Los Angeles twice each. The Swedes shared the stage with bands such as LA Guns, Thin Lizzy, Wishbone Ash, Ratt, Dio, Mtley Cre,  Pretty Maids, Saxon, Axel Rudi Pell and played at festivals such as Sweden Rock, Wacken and Rocklahoma. 

The album “Are You Ready” was released in 2009 and nominated for the best sleaze/glam album in at the Swedish Metal Awards and voted as “The Best all round party anthem album of the year” in the Australian magazine The Rockpit. 

In 2011 the band released  their  seventh album in total “Livin My Dream”. This CD was recorded in Sunshine Explosion studios in Helsingborg, Sweden during the years  2010 & 2011. A video was shot for the track "Rock it".

The  new  album "All Around the World"the bands 8th was recorded at Sunshine Explosion Studio. Bai Bang has been working with Pontus Assarsson as producer this time too.Martin Kronlund did the mastering again. 

The band: Diddi Kastenholt – Vocals; Joacim Sandin – Bass; Pelle Eliaz –  Guitar; Jens; Lundgren-Guitar; Johnny Benson – Drums

Soundfiles in advance:

BAI BANG - Everybody Everywhere (Edit)

BAI BANG - Now You're Gone (Edit)

BAI BANG - Raise Your Hands (Edit) 


[07.02.2013] Covered Call - Impact

COVERED CALLl - Impact 250Out: 28.03.2013

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Covered Call: An expression used in financial circles depicting a picture of Wall Street, big cities, and the frenzy of the stock market. Covered Call the band, however, was born in a small carpentry shed in the dark, deep forests of Sweden. The contrast couldnt be greater between the band and their name.

Covered Call was formed by drummer Ronny Svanstrmer and guitarist Joel Carlsson. Subsequently, second guitarist Morgan Rosenquist joined the band and the material rapidly started taking shape.

The band immediately landed a deal and released their debut album “Money Never Sleeps” internationally in 2009. During the recording sessions for the band's second album bassist Andy Loos (ex Glory, Lions Share) was recruited as a full member in the lineup.

Andy had previously been working with Gran Edman (ex John Norum Band, Yngwie Malmsteen), who was soon after recruited to complete this stellar lineup.

The new album, entitled IMPACT, was recorded by Covered Call along with Studio Fredman (Arch Enemy, Hammerfall, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames) and was mixed by Lars Chriss of Lions Share (who also performed a guest solo on the track "Hold On") at LS Studio.

The band has left their suits behind and is ready to deliver unforgettable rock music in the true AOR spirit!

This new musical constellation together with vocalist Gran Edman now sound stronger than ever and with fantastic new material Covered Call will prove, once again, that their brand of hook-layered rock is a force to be reckoned with.

Track list: 1. Lorraine, 2. When the lights are out, 3. Think about all times, 4 Look into your mind, 5. Hold on, 6. Make a wish, 7. Nothing lasts forever, 8. Wake up, 9. When Im gone, 10. Live it up, 11. Last goodbye

Line-Up: Gran Edman - Lead vocals, Joel Carlsson – Guitars, Morgan Rosenquist – Guitar, Andy Loos  - Bass, Ronny Svanstrmer  - Drums

Sound clips in advance:

COVERED CALL - Hold On (Edit)

COVERED CALL - Lorraine (Edit)

COVERED CALL - When The Lights Are Out (Edit)


[09.01.2013] Wild Rose - Dangerous

Rband pic&logo (Kopie)elease: 22.02.2013

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Wild Rose originally was formed in Spring 2004 by Andy Rock. Due to problems finding the right musicians which could play a proper AOR sound, the line-up wasn’t stable for a long time.

After trying for two years and continuous changes in the song-writing, Wild Rose formed a basic line-up, which was introduced in 2006 to the audience with songs composed by Andreas Peyos. In 2007 Wild Rose released their first promo CD entitled "It's all about love" which contained the same title track and "Too Late", a song that was rapidly accepted and loved by the audience for AOR music. At the same period Wild Rose performed as the support act on Talisman’s farewell tour in Greece.

At the beginning of 2008, two members took a break from Wild Rose to take care of their military obligations. The band was put onto hold for a while and Peyos continued to work on the song material. They returned in mid 2009 and recorded a 10 track demo CD with tracks written by Peyos and Dirty Haris. These songs matured through the rehearsal process and ended up in professionally recorded versions on the band’s debut album “Half Past Midnight” which was finally released in October 2011 and received great results in the AOR specialized press.

During the year 2012, the band has worked on new songs and recorded their second album “Dangerous” which will be released on February 22nd 2013 on the AOR Heaven label. This release was produced & mixed by Andy Rock and co-produced by Wild Rose between December 2011 and September 2012 at WR Studios Thessaloniki, Greece  and is the first to feature new main vocalist David A. Saylor (PUSH). 

1.Alone, 2.Hold On, 3.I Can't Stop Loving You, 4.If You Still Love Me, 5.Dream On, 6.Awake, 7.Tonight, 8.I Won't Forget You, 9.Is This Love, 10.Not A Day Goes By

Soundfiles in advance:

WILD ROSE - Alone (Edit)

WILD ROSE - Hold On (Edit)

WILD ROSE - Can't Stop Loving You (Edit)


[09.01.2013] HEARTBREAK RADIO - On Air

Release: 22.02.2013

Heartbreak Radio On Air Germany Cover 250
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HEARTBREAK RADIO began as a spinoff project from the band Last Autumn’s Dream.

The self-titled debut album was released in 2005 and received great reviews from all over the world. Musicians at the time included Mikkey Dee (Mothead), Tommy Denander, Sayit, Magnus Rosen (Hammerfall) - just to name a few.

The project’s second album "On Air" is an homage to the 70’s AOR/Westcoast legends such as  Journey , Pages, Toto, Bill La Bounty, Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross, Michael McDonald & Bill Champlin and will be released on February 22nd, 2013 on the AOR Heaven label.

Today, the line-up of HEARTBREAK RADIO consists of Mats Johannson (ASIA, guitars), Berra Holmgren (ACE OF BASE, bass), Peter Strandberg (JEFF SCOTT SOTO, drums), Johan Axelsson (keys) and Wojtek Goral (Stevie Wonder, saxophone) plus the vocalists Jim Jidhed (ALIEN), Mikael Erlandsson (LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM), Pierre Weinsberg (ELEVENER, RADIOACTIVE), Henrik Baath (DARK WATER) and Martin Gabriel (solo)

”On Air” was produced by Claes Andreasson (Last Autumn’s Dream) and Johan Axelsson.

Soundfiles in advance:

HEARTBREAK RADIO - Angelina (Edit)

HEARTBREAK RADIO - Love On Fire (Edit)

HEARTBREAK RADIO - Turn On Love (Edit)